The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 19
Spelunking Epilogue

With Tichthys defeated, the party could turn their attention to trying to retrieve his section of the Rod. They secured a rope to Arion’s waist and lowered him into the deep recess where the aboleth had tossed the relic. Arian was able to not only retrieve the Rod, but he also managed to find Tichthys’ horde. Once the party knew the second piece of the Rod of Law, as well as all of the dead aboleth’s treasure, was secure, they decided to check in on the people who had been enslaved.

They arrived at the quarry chamber just in time, as the bugbears and the humans were about to break out into a brawl. The party managed to talk both sides down, and in the process, learned that the humans were all crew on the Lucky Chancellor, a ship that had wrecked upon the shore months earlier. The bugbears belonged to a tribe that practiced what they referred to as extensive Pre-Funerary Rites, where they would dedicate themselves to their dead god, revoke all rights of citizenship and assume the identities of legendary bugbear folk heroes. Why anyone would willingly do this is puzzling, but that’s bugbears for you.

As a final precaution, the party investigated the pit where the slaves were dropping off their quarried stone. The pit led down a narrow shaft for about 20 feet, then opened up into a chamber so vast that even with magical lighting, the bottom could not be seen, though rushing water could be heard. Istovahn made the “educated guess” that there were probably more aboleths down there building “some horrible city,” but that they were only aboleths, who hadn’t managed to actually openly rule anything in several ages… so, they should be safe. With no good way of investigating further, the party accepted that explanation and made the long trek back to the abandoned warrens, were Mazzel Quickblade awaited them.




Session 19.1 – Leaving Tichthys’ Lair

Session 18
Spelunking pt. 4

Hearthday, 27 Harmony, 13:1066

With Istovahn in tow, the party left the alchemical laboratory to finally end the fight with the caves’ aboleth slave master, Tichthys, who had fortified a position in a deep pool at the far end of the cavern with a couple sahuagin honor guard. As they approached, Tichthys seemed surprisingly knowledgeable about the party’s presence. He taunted them with his piece of the Rod before calling upon its power to slow and hinder their movements.

Despite the Rod’s power and the aboleth’s use of powerful mind magics to hex and harm the party (even sculpting the water into the form of an elemental to assist him at one point), the party managed to lay him low, allowing one of Istovahn’s curses to end his primordial piscine menace for good.

Session 17
Spelunking pt. 3

Hearthday, 27 Harmony, 13:1066

Having plumbed the tunnel depths for hours following their rest, the party once again encountered the stench of decay that signaled the sahuagin’s fungal alarms. Armed with the unguents they took from the wise women the night before, they managed to move about the shriekers and violet fungi unmolested. They were not, however, able to avoid the notice of some watchful sahuagin who were guarding a coterie of docile, fearful human and bugbear slaves as they worked a subterranean quarry. As battle broke out among the quarry, the slaves either cowered in their corners or diligently finished their work.

After the battle, the party decided to investigate a hidden chamber they had discovered, revealing what appeared to be an alchemy lab. Inside, the craven and cranky mage Istovahn hid with the use of an invisibility potion that he had purloined from a sahuagin enforcer who had come to recruit him for the fight. Despite his invisibility, the party was able to use the tight quarters to confront him. He dropped effects of the effects of the potion and explained how he came under the sway of the sahuagin and their aboleth master, Tichthys. When the party used a dose of clay of life to restore his lost limb, he stared at them incrdulously, as if unexpected kindness was a foreign concept, and agreed to help them take down the aboleth that ruled these caverns.

Session 16
Spelunking pt. 2

Thornsday, 26 Harmony, 13:1066

The party followed Ruat’s pull deeper, descending further into the dank caverns. After what felt like hours of trekking through musty, empty tunnels, a familiar smell of fungus and rot told them that they were emptying out into another inhabited section of cave. Beyond another patch of shriekers, the cave yawned open into another fungus farm, this one easily twice the size of the one before.

The party made short work of the shriekers before moving on to a pitched battle with the sahuagin tending the fungal crops. The battle spilled over from farm chambers into a sandy cove that acted as a nursery. The party took out the frenzied guards, but let the eggs and juvenile sea devils live, despite the fact that the sahuagin young took every opportunity to swarm them, leaping from the water and clamping tiny, hideous maws around them whenever they drew close to the waterline.

With the nursery guards defeated, the party moved further past the farms, until they found two older sahuagin preparing the harvested fungus for further processing. Though they quickly defeated the wise women, the party was able to learn that the deeper recesses of the caves were home to violet fungus, a highly toxic relative of the shrieker. The wise women attempted to trick the party into applying topical poisons to their skin instead of an anti-fungal unguent that they had handy, but their ruse was transparent. After the last sahuagin breathed her last, the party pushed past muck-laden leech breeding chamber before finding a relatively safe spot to camp for the evening.

Session 15

Thornsday, 26 Harmony, 13:1066

After a rough week at sea aboard The Wild Cailín, fraught with sirens, vampires, the party set anchor on the southeastern shore of the Fangs. The ship’s captain, Dave the Halfling, bid them farewell and assured them that they’d be right there waiting when they got out. As he left, the Aasimar firstmate, Shengnyaza, approached the party and let them know that they would wait 24 hours before they left, but given the dangerous environment and Dave’s luck when on land, they couldn’t risk being near there any longer than that. He then assured them that if they could survive the Fangs, then surely they’d be able to make the march to Concord to the Northeast.

Ruat pulled the party deep into a hilly marsh, tugging them ever eastward and down. After a couple hours’ march, the party found themselves before a dank cave entrance, which Eudora immediately recognized as the one from a vision she experienced while using Ruat in a scrying ritual. Inside the mouth were miles upon miles of twisting passages, eventually giving way to what appeared to be an abandoned warren. As they made their way through the cavernous passages, the party began to suspect they were being watched. Their suspicious were confirmed when a hissing growl issued from the shadows. As they approached the hissing darkness, a clear, high voice rang out: “Thisbe! Don’t do that! At least wait until they bite before you get your hackles all raised!” The shadows gave way with a magical twinkle and a gnome stepped forward to greet the party, introducing himself as Mazzel Quickblade. He claimed to be traveling through with a group of gnomes, looking to resettle the abandoned warren, which he identified as having previously belonged to goblins who had been press-ganged dozens of years ago into the service of giants. He was happy to make smalltalk with the party and was willing to engage in a bit of trade. Not feeling particularly up for trudging further into the cave (and perhaps seeking to prevent an ambush) Eudora and Mavery elected to stay behind.

After a couple more hours’ worth of travel through the winding tunnels, the party found themselves being forced into a bottleneck as the passage narrowed, The stale cave air gave way to the reek of decay. As they pressed on, they a chamber lined with large, glittering crystals. Sensing that something was amiss, Arden prepared a Ritual of False Light, which allowed the party to discover an offal pit infested with shriekers. Careful exploration of the cave allowed them to avoid the noisome fungus, eventually bringing them to the bone-strewn lair of some large predator. Beyond that chamber was a maze-like series of crudely-hewn tunnels. Not wanting to get lost, the party made a note to explore later and returned back to the main cave.

The next tunnel emptied into a large chamber lined with all manner of fungus and mold. Several strange fishmen wandered about the fungal farm, tending to the larger blooms and fruit. Another sahuagin, seemingly subservient to the others, wandered about, ladeling fresh water from a bucket over them as they worked. The party approached, and managed to make peaceful contact, a rarity among sahuagin. As they questioned the sea devils’ motives and presence in the area, they became aware of an entity that ruled over them which they would refer to only as “the Great Master”. As the party asked more questions, the lead sahuagin began to speak in a strange monotone, imploring the party to help break the Great Master’s rule, and asking strangely specific questions about their abilities. Once the party seemed to suspect that things were even weirder than they had initially assumed, the Sahuagin struck with their fungal farm implements and barbed nets. As the fight began to enter full swing, a wall to the south shattered and an umber hulk loped onto the battlefield. Despite the hideous reinforcements, the party was able to triumph. The party took a moment to celebrate their hard-fought victory and catch their breath before moving further in pursuit of the next section of the Rod.


Umber Hulk
Mazzel Quickblade
Talismans and Alchemical Items


Session 15.1 – Aboard the Wild Cailín
Session 15.2 – Inside the Sahuagin Fungal Farm

Session 14
In Which We Prepare to Embark... And We Discover Second Buffet

Moonday, 17 Harmony 13:1066, Early Morning

With few options beyond brushing off the ditch dirt and finding new lodging, the party decided that breakfast was in order. In their wanderings, they stumbled upon The Saucy Platter, a local dive renowned not so much for their food (which isn’t bad per se, just rather passable… in that it does, indeed, pass through your digestive tract at some point) but rather for its strong spirits and its extensive and exhaustive “second buffet,” consisting of a panel of professional companions who make their time and company available to patrons of the Platter. When Erimus revealed that he had never partaken of a second buffet, Sigurd made haste in offering to fix that should they ever find themselves in Axis. It wasn’t long, however, before Talitha had talked the party into a drinking contest with some rowdy gnomes. After round upon round of Gnome Double Gimlets, Moonwreckers, Dragon Bile, and arcanically charged shocking concoctions, the party had managed to lose as much as win. Begrudgingly, the gnomes purchased rooms for the party so they could sleep off their terrible inebriation, save Sigurd, who was only pleasantly toasted by the end.

The next morning saw hideous hangovers as the party made their way to the Cunningwater in one of Horizon’s swankier gated districts. They were greeted by an overdressed servant and an underdressed Mssr. Cunningwater. He eagerly greeted them into his sweltering abode, offering them flimsy, silky robes to help stave off the humid, jungle-like heat of his estate. “I got this place for a song, my boy. A song and a cantrip! Sure, it’s a little warm due to the previous owner’s love of the jungle, but I find the moisture’s not at all bad, not in the least, once you’re used to it. It’s good for the skin, my boy! Good for the skin!”

After giving everyone a chance to change into their robes, he led them to a large dining hall, where Eudora and Mavery were having a large breakfast of mystery juice and heavily spiced sausages. Eudora took to her feet at once and eagerly greeted the party with a round of enthusiastic hugs. Mssr. Cunningwater then led them back to the table, where he personally fed everyone the same lavish breakfast that Eudora and Mavery were sharing. Over breakfast, Eudora filled the party in on everything she knew about the Rod, including revealing the location of the next piece, far across the Midland Sea, nestled in a cave deep beneath the Fangs. Once it was decided that Mavery would help them find a ship that would be willing to moor in the Fangs (a grim prospect, considering the monster-infested waters of the area) in exchange for being allowed to travel with the party and Eudora, they set out to gather supplies and secure passage for the next leg of the journey.


The Fangs
Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater
Olhivier Lancestioix Albignon Cunningwater
The Saucy Platter
Magic Ammunition


Session 14.1 – Breakfast at Mavery’s
Session 14.2 – Boat Shopping

Session 13

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066, (Night)/ Moonday, 16 Harmony, 13:1066 (Early morning)

With the dummies dismantled and the orcs drawing no nearer, the party ventured south, toward the trapped false tomb to Siryl Rex. In the waking world, Eudora never tried to open the sarcophagus, though due to her expectation that it would be trapped, Sigurd was subjected to a poison gas when he budged the lid. Apparently she had also expected Sigurd to be nigh invincible, as the gas had little to no effect on the massive barbarian. Inside the coffin, they found coins of an ancient make, all minted with Eudora’s face, likely somehow relating back to what Sigurd had expected to find. Perhaps chalking it all up to dream weirdness, they returned to the great hall and moved toward the orc sounds.

While the path to the orc sounds was blocked by secret doors in the waking world, Eudora’s familiarity with Osakay’s chambers caused the passage to appear as a pair of wide open entry ways. As the party approached, an orc grunted at them, speaking no language ever known. Once the party realized that the orcs couldn’t speak orcish because Eudora didn’t know orcish for them to speak, they decided to translate into the universal language: bloodshed. While they engaged the orcs, Osakay slid from his chambers, but
Talitha used a dream simulacra of one of the party’s beads of force, managing to trap Osakay in the doorway, preventing a manifestation of Eudora’s madness, in the form of a wild-eyed and disheveled doppleganger of the diviner, from entering the fray.

Once the orcs were dispatched, the party waited for the bead’s resilient sphere to pop. Having the drop on him, they dispatched him fairly quickly. When they moved in to corner the maddened dream manifestation of Eudora, she dove into an ivory-rimmed well. With little clue what it would have meant for her to escape beyond the rather obvious “probably not all that good, really” , they dove in after her. The well twisted and turned, revealing more glimpses into the dreams of sleepers at the House of the Silver Key, only this time all of Eudora’s fears and insecurities were leaking into the parlors.

When the dream undertow finally spat them out, the party found themselves in the same bathhouse where they escaped to enter Eudora’s dreamscape. There, they found Eudora’s madness-fueled dream doppleganger imploring Elliot Killian, the dream-tiger guardian of the bathhouse, that the party had to be stopped, as they were using the House of the Silver Key as a staging ground to assault innocent dreamers. Despite her rather convincing (if insane and rambly) argument, Erimus was able to call back on his training in delivering harsh truths that he received as an inquisitor to lay the situation out succinctly and convince the guardian of their true motives. Elliott was in agreement that the doppleganger had to be dealt with, though he insisted that it couldn’t be done in the bathhouse… and that the party would have to find their own way out of the dreamscape, as after this, they’d never be allowed into the dream halls of the House of the Silver Key. With no other choice (barring just assaulting the guardian animals and random dreamers in the house so that they could put the evil dream Eudora to the sword right there, on their termsm which, really, let’s face it, isn’t a smart option for a number of reasons) Sigurd grabbed the dream Eudora, and they leaped once again into the well.

This time, the well dumped them onto the sandy ground of an arena. While most of the party was a bit confused or bewildered, Sigurd recognized this as the arena where he fought his first battle in Axis. Just as they got their bearings, they heard a slow, sinister clap from the balcony at the far end of the arena. There, in his unmistakable peacock helm, was Siryl Rex, accompanied by his court wizard Mitcou and four members of his honor guard. Neither the party nor their opponents wasted any time in joining battle. They rushed forward, steel clanging on steel, and despite a fearsome initial showing, the dream manifestations of the Peacock Emperor and his retinue fell before the party’s might, no doubt spurred on by Sigurd’s confidence and the awe in which Eudora held them. With them dealt with, the party turned on Evil Dream Eudora, who once defeated, dissolved into a tangle of snakes, which then coiled together to form a fearsome naga. However, despite her gruesome transformation,she, too, fell before the party, dissolving into a black, roiling nothingness upon defeat. With this, the final manifestation of Osakay’s vicious hold over Eudora, finally defeated, the dreamscape began to collapse. With nowhere else to turn, they dove for the well that brought them to the arena.

Just as each of them broke through the waters of the dream well, they tumbled into a shallow ditch in the waking world. Frightened foot falls echoed down the narrow alleys of Horizon as each member of the party began to get their bearings. All of their gear could be accounted for in one of the three wagons that the staff had used to haul them away from the inn, but now they’d have to secure new lodgings for the evening, before setting out to make sense of everything they had recently discovered.


Session 13.1 – In a Ditch in Horizon

Next Session, #14

Session 12
In Which Siryl's Tomb is Both Familiar and Foreign

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066, Night (Real time) / Moonday, 9 Harmony 13:1066, Mid-afternoon (Dream time)

Having retrieved Eudora from her collegiate nightmare and convinced her to lead them to her research site, the party set out through the creepy well. Their sojourn through the Tapestry again pulled them into an ever-shifting vista, constructed on the fly by Eudora’s dreaming mind. Unfortunately, since the party was using the equivalent of service tunnels beneath the House of the Silver Key, the establishment’s dreaming patrons exerted influence over the dreams as well. The party crossed a fathomless sea, an endless abyss and a trackless desert to reach their destination: a dream construct of Siryl Rex’s tomb.

The party experienced a wave of fear, which each member could tell was not their own, wash over them as Eudora fidgeted and hesitated, trying to insist that they had no business being in the tomb, seeing as to how she already possessed the wand before finally following the party inside. The entrance to the tomb was humid, with a bizarre carpet of fungus stretching out from the ceremonial altar to the east. Large fungal structures, the rough size and shape of a small man, swayed back and forth while a larger mushroom, the stalk beneath its pale cap all bulbous and pruny, pulsated on the altar itself. The strange shapes turned and loomed in response to the party as they moved by, but didn’t seem to make any effort to attack or contact them.

Further down the hall, the party could hear the clanging of steel on steel. Where the orcs had fashioned a rough forge in the real world, Eudora’s dreaming mind had conjured up a fine smithy, staffed by a silent half-orc woman, her hammer beating out a regular rhythm, though she seemed to be working on something new and different every time someone paid attention to her. When Sigurd realized that she was using a hammer identical to the one he found in the real tomb, he offered it to her. She beamed a great, tusked smile at him and immediately went to work. She handed the hammer back a few moments later, though there was an unshakable feeling that her work had somehow taken hours to do. When Sigurd touched the hammer, he heard an ancient, unfamiliar dwarven war chant. Through the shouts, one voice rose above the rest, its deep dwarven brogue somehow familiar, yet unintelligible. Sigurd thanked the half-orc and the party moved further down the hall, to Mitcou’s final resting place.

Save for the lack of a secret door in the northeast corner, Mitcou’s crypt chamber seemed identical to the chamber in the actual tomb. The tunnel that led to the south, however, was markedly different. When Erimus had scouted earlier, he found the tunnel entrance to be narrow, but passable. Now however, it seemed to be covered with rocks and boulders which had been loosely packed to form a ramshackle barrier. When even Sigurd’s might wasn’t able to budge the stones, Arden assumed, rightly, Eudora’s unconscious mind had relied on his experience with cave-ins to create an impassable barrier. When he turned his attention away from the tunnel, they found it to be littered with debris, but passable. Making sure to keep their eyes trained on the rubble in order to prevent Arden’s dreams from reasserting themselves, they found the tunnel to be a winding passage that looped back around on itself, terminating in dead ends, each of which housed a well similar to the one they passed through, only rimmed with ivory. Not wanting to risk getting lost in someone else’s subconscious, they decided to explore the tomb itself further.

Where the real tomb only had stairs that descended to a lower level, the dream tomb had stairs that both ascended and descended, though like the actual tomb, the stairways were narrow enough that the party had to pass through single-file. Erimus took to the front, leading the party down through the right hand passage. When they finished their descent, they found that they had somehow actually ascended, exiting the stairway to the floor that they had just left, albeit through the fungal chamber near the entrance. When they next came to the stairs, Arian led them through the right hand passage, only for them to exit out the left hand passage. Not wanting to lose their way on the stairs a third time, Erimus cleared his mind and drew on the strange instruction he experienced at the hands of the Crusader’s High Inquisitor, finally allowing the party to descend the stairs to the lower level.

The stairwell opened up into the grand hall, with the din of conversing orcs to the west. In the real world, this chamber was occupied by orcs and trolls. While they were nowhere to be seen, their training dummies stood, inert sentinels propped up on large weapon racks. As Sigurd tried to make his way past, one of the dummies pulled itself from the rack, drawing steel from the weapons to double its considerable bulk. Nearby, another dummy lurched to life, pulling a torch from the wall and setting itself ablaze before setting upon Erimus. The dummy on the eastern wall rattled its rack until the swords and flails it held shook to the floor, then drew themselves into the forms of smaller, sharper training dummies. Despite the pitched battle, the orcish voices never drew closer, giving the party a much needed moment to catch their breath before exploring the tomb further.




Next Session, Lucky #13

Session 12.1: Catching a Breath in Siryl’s Dream Tomb

Session 11
In Which Dreams are Weird and Things Make No Sense

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066, Evening

While the House of the Silver Key offers the most luxurious sleeping arrangements known to Horizon, it doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment for its guests while they’re awake. Like many of the House’s other guests, the party decided to turn in early to make the most of their shared dreamspace. As they each drifted into dreams, they regained consciousness in an opulent reflection of the inn. The snowy white marble surfaces were now shot through with veins of gold and elaborate crystalline chandeliers and candelabras adorned the room, though they shed no light. The well-cultivated ambiance of austere elegance gave way to a roaring sense of decadent lavishness.

Where the stairwell on their floor used to be was now a grand balcony, which itself gave way to a long, arcing skybridge. The bridge was itself just one of a network of dozens of similar bridges, each of which elegantly reached toward towers that held individual-yet-interconnected dreamsuites. The party roamed these dreams for what felt like hours, eventually ending up at a marvelous bathhouse staffed by guardian animal spirits, where their carefully owned and deeply shared sense of awareness told them that they might be able to cross over from the House’s shared dreamscape into the dreams of a single sleeping individual.

While searching for an exit, Sigurd spoke to Monroe, the black panther dream concierge, who let them know that this particular bathhouse was the home of many strange and specific delights, but was completely unwilling to tell him how to leave. Monroe even insisted that it was impossible to leave the House’s shared dream. Among the bathhouse’s bizarre entertainments were a pair of dancing giantesses. a riddle and poem reciting bear, a tortoise who could tell you about bathing and cleanliness for any culture dating back to the 9th age, and a badger who could conjure up any meal you could ever hope to try, provided you could convince at least one other person to share it with you. Talitha was able to use techniques she learned from her ancient paramour, the Night Elven King, to trick the bear into believing that she was a natural denizen of the bathhouse and she was able to slip her party into the only locked room, where a tiger who stood and spoke like a man blocked their passage. Eventually, they were able to trick him into speaking his own name, which according to the strange metaphysical workings of the House of the Silver Key meant that he had to grant them passage beyond his station. They pushed past an elaborate, animated curtain and entered a room that house a dark whirlpool, which led from the House to the wider realm of individual dreams.

The tumultuous whirlpool tossed and dragged the party in tight circles, battering them against each other until their struggles eventually found them swimming along a narrow stone shaft toward a bright light. Once they reached the light, they realized that they were exiting a well that somehow pulled water all the way to its brim, several feet above ground level. Upon exiting the well, they stepped into a small courtyard with a central fountain, where they were greeted by the silent staring of a gigantic, slime-covered, three-eyed fish. Despite its baleful glare, the aboleth made no moves to attack the party, and merely watched them as they entered the building to their left.

Inside the buidling, they found Eudora, who was naked, save for her cloak which she used to regain as much modesty as she could muster, and being berated by several of her old professors for her repeated tardiness, missed assignments, flagging grades, and for at least one class which she had never attended and didn’t even know she was enrolled in. Sigurd helped cover her with his cloak, allowing her a bit more dignity, while the rest of the party helped her talk her way past her angry professors by showing the proof of her research into the tomb of Siryl Rex: the wand Ruat.

With that bit of nightmare resolved, the party reintroduced themselves. Eudora recognized most of them instantly, though she, perhaps understandably, had some difficulty identifying Talitha, who took on a decidedly different appearance and demeanor in the dream. Once Talitha introduced himself, Eudora greeted the large, beautiful dark-skinned man with eagerness. With that out of the way, they made their way across the courtyard, past the aboleth, and explored the eastern portion of the Diviners’ College main office, where they found a faculty lounge, a visitor’s dormitory full of giant, wolf-headed spiders, and a small library seemingly staffed by a Djinn. They took a quick moment to duck into the lounge to discuss their next maneuvers before they moved on.




Forum – Eudora’s Dreamscape
Session 11.1 – Eudora’s Dream College

Session 10
In Which a Room is Rented... No, really, that's pretty much it.

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066

Having successfully spent the early afternoon researching their chosen personal projects, the party met to plan their foray into Eudora’s dreamscape. Not wanting to give anyone else a possible entrance into her head, they made arrangements for her to stay at the same inn as Mssr. Cunningwater, with a dose of a lesser sleeping potion to ensure that she wouldn’t wake or wander while they were in her dreams. With that arranged, they made their way to the House of the Silver Key.

The House itself was beautiful, but austere, with snowy white marble surfaces and lobby sparsely furnished in fine white spruce. Unfortunately, the innkeeper on duty, a stern-faced woman with rigid posture named Azobelle, was possessed of an unpleasantness that could nearly match the luxury of the establishment that employed her. She argued to wring every last gold she could out of the party by heaping hidden fees on them. She seemed astonished (but smugly so) when the party paid for the stay up front, though she was unprepared to physically handle such a large amount of coin. If they could leave the money by the stairs, she assured them that she would have a servitor golem sent up to receive it later in the evening. After arranging a bath for Sigurd (“And would you prefer a real, physical bath, or will you just be enjoying the luxury of our dream bathhouse this evening?”) she left them to discover the untold sumptuousness of the House’s bedding as they discussed the actual process of entering Eudora’s dreams.


House of the Silver Key


Rod of Seven parts
Session 10.1 – Getting Ready to Live the Dream
Campaign tumblrs
Horizon Research Tumblr


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