The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 10

In Which a Room is Rented... No, really, that's pretty much it.

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066

Having successfully spent the early afternoon researching their chosen personal projects, the party met to plan their foray into Eudora’s dreamscape. Not wanting to give anyone else a possible entrance into her head, they made arrangements for her to stay at the same inn as Mssr. Cunningwater, with a dose of a lesser sleeping potion to ensure that she wouldn’t wake or wander while they were in her dreams. With that arranged, they made their way to the House of the Silver Key.

The House itself was beautiful, but austere, with snowy white marble surfaces and lobby sparsely furnished in fine white spruce. Unfortunately, the innkeeper on duty, a stern-faced woman with rigid posture named Azobelle, was possessed of an unpleasantness that could nearly match the luxury of the establishment that employed her. She argued to wring every last gold she could out of the party by heaping hidden fees on them. She seemed astonished (but smugly so) when the party paid for the stay up front, though she was unprepared to physically handle such a large amount of coin. If they could leave the money by the stairs, she assured them that she would have a servitor golem sent up to receive it later in the evening. After arranging a bath for Sigurd (“And would you prefer a real, physical bath, or will you just be enjoying the luxury of our dream bathhouse this evening?”) she left them to discover the untold sumptuousness of the House’s bedding as they discussed the actual process of entering Eudora’s dreams.


House of the Silver Key


Rod of Seven parts
Session 10.1 – Getting Ready to Live the Dream
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