The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 11

In Which Dreams are Weird and Things Make No Sense

Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066, Evening

While the House of the Silver Key offers the most luxurious sleeping arrangements known to Horizon, it doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment for its guests while they’re awake. Like many of the House’s other guests, the party decided to turn in early to make the most of their shared dreamspace. As they each drifted into dreams, they regained consciousness in an opulent reflection of the inn. The snowy white marble surfaces were now shot through with veins of gold and elaborate crystalline chandeliers and candelabras adorned the room, though they shed no light. The well-cultivated ambiance of austere elegance gave way to a roaring sense of decadent lavishness.

Where the stairwell on their floor used to be was now a grand balcony, which itself gave way to a long, arcing skybridge. The bridge was itself just one of a network of dozens of similar bridges, each of which elegantly reached toward towers that held individual-yet-interconnected dreamsuites. The party roamed these dreams for what felt like hours, eventually ending up at a marvelous bathhouse staffed by guardian animal spirits, where their carefully owned and deeply shared sense of awareness told them that they might be able to cross over from the House’s shared dreamscape into the dreams of a single sleeping individual.

While searching for an exit, Sigurd spoke to Monroe, the black panther dream concierge, who let them know that this particular bathhouse was the home of many strange and specific delights, but was completely unwilling to tell him how to leave. Monroe even insisted that it was impossible to leave the House’s shared dream. Among the bathhouse’s bizarre entertainments were a pair of dancing giantesses. a riddle and poem reciting bear, a tortoise who could tell you about bathing and cleanliness for any culture dating back to the 9th age, and a badger who could conjure up any meal you could ever hope to try, provided you could convince at least one other person to share it with you. Talitha was able to use techniques she learned from her ancient paramour, the Night Elven King, to trick the bear into believing that she was a natural denizen of the bathhouse and she was able to slip her party into the only locked room, where a tiger who stood and spoke like a man blocked their passage. Eventually, they were able to trick him into speaking his own name, which according to the strange metaphysical workings of the House of the Silver Key meant that he had to grant them passage beyond his station. They pushed past an elaborate, animated curtain and entered a room that house a dark whirlpool, which led from the House to the wider realm of individual dreams.

The tumultuous whirlpool tossed and dragged the party in tight circles, battering them against each other until their struggles eventually found them swimming along a narrow stone shaft toward a bright light. Once they reached the light, they realized that they were exiting a well that somehow pulled water all the way to its brim, several feet above ground level. Upon exiting the well, they stepped into a small courtyard with a central fountain, where they were greeted by the silent staring of a gigantic, slime-covered, three-eyed fish. Despite its baleful glare, the aboleth made no moves to attack the party, and merely watched them as they entered the building to their left.

Inside the buidling, they found Eudora, who was naked, save for her cloak which she used to regain as much modesty as she could muster, and being berated by several of her old professors for her repeated tardiness, missed assignments, flagging grades, and for at least one class which she had never attended and didn’t even know she was enrolled in. Sigurd helped cover her with his cloak, allowing her a bit more dignity, while the rest of the party helped her talk her way past her angry professors by showing the proof of her research into the tomb of Siryl Rex: the wand Ruat.

With that bit of nightmare resolved, the party reintroduced themselves. Eudora recognized most of them instantly, though she, perhaps understandably, had some difficulty identifying Talitha, who took on a decidedly different appearance and demeanor in the dream. Once Talitha introduced himself, Eudora greeted the large, beautiful dark-skinned man with eagerness. With that out of the way, they made their way across the courtyard, past the aboleth, and explored the eastern portion of the Diviners’ College main office, where they found a faculty lounge, a visitor’s dormitory full of giant, wolf-headed spiders, and a small library seemingly staffed by a Djinn. They took a quick moment to duck into the lounge to discuss their next maneuvers before they moved on.




Forum – Eudora’s Dreamscape
Session 11.1 – Eudora’s Dream College


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