The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 14

In Which We Prepare to Embark... And We Discover Second Buffet

Moonday, 17 Harmony 13:1066, Early Morning

With few options beyond brushing off the ditch dirt and finding new lodging, the party decided that breakfast was in order. In their wanderings, they stumbled upon The Saucy Platter, a local dive renowned not so much for their food (which isn’t bad per se, just rather passable… in that it does, indeed, pass through your digestive tract at some point) but rather for its strong spirits and its extensive and exhaustive “second buffet,” consisting of a panel of professional companions who make their time and company available to patrons of the Platter. When Erimus revealed that he had never partaken of a second buffet, Sigurd made haste in offering to fix that should they ever find themselves in Axis. It wasn’t long, however, before Talitha had talked the party into a drinking contest with some rowdy gnomes. After round upon round of Gnome Double Gimlets, Moonwreckers, Dragon Bile, and arcanically charged shocking concoctions, the party had managed to lose as much as win. Begrudgingly, the gnomes purchased rooms for the party so they could sleep off their terrible inebriation, save Sigurd, who was only pleasantly toasted by the end.

The next morning saw hideous hangovers as the party made their way to the Cunningwater in one of Horizon’s swankier gated districts. They were greeted by an overdressed servant and an underdressed Mssr. Cunningwater. He eagerly greeted them into his sweltering abode, offering them flimsy, silky robes to help stave off the humid, jungle-like heat of his estate. “I got this place for a song, my boy. A song and a cantrip! Sure, it’s a little warm due to the previous owner’s love of the jungle, but I find the moisture’s not at all bad, not in the least, once you’re used to it. It’s good for the skin, my boy! Good for the skin!”

After giving everyone a chance to change into their robes, he led them to a large dining hall, where Eudora and Mavery were having a large breakfast of mystery juice and heavily spiced sausages. Eudora took to her feet at once and eagerly greeted the party with a round of enthusiastic hugs. Mssr. Cunningwater then led them back to the table, where he personally fed everyone the same lavish breakfast that Eudora and Mavery were sharing. Over breakfast, Eudora filled the party in on everything she knew about the Rod, including revealing the location of the next piece, far across the Midland Sea, nestled in a cave deep beneath the Fangs. Once it was decided that Mavery would help them find a ship that would be willing to moor in the Fangs (a grim prospect, considering the monster-infested waters of the area) in exchange for being allowed to travel with the party and Eudora, they set out to gather supplies and secure passage for the next leg of the journey.


The Fangs
Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater
Olhivier Lancestioix Albignon Cunningwater
The Saucy Platter
Magic Ammunition


Session 14.1 – Breakfast at Mavery’s
Session 14.2 – Boat Shopping


Eel Eel

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