The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 16

Spelunking pt. 2

Thornsday, 26 Harmony, 13:1066

The party followed Ruat’s pull deeper, descending further into the dank caverns. After what felt like hours of trekking through musty, empty tunnels, a familiar smell of fungus and rot told them that they were emptying out into another inhabited section of cave. Beyond another patch of shriekers, the cave yawned open into another fungus farm, this one easily twice the size of the one before.

The party made short work of the shriekers before moving on to a pitched battle with the sahuagin tending the fungal crops. The battle spilled over from farm chambers into a sandy cove that acted as a nursery. The party took out the frenzied guards, but let the eggs and juvenile sea devils live, despite the fact that the sahuagin young took every opportunity to swarm them, leaping from the water and clamping tiny, hideous maws around them whenever they drew close to the waterline.

With the nursery guards defeated, the party moved further past the farms, until they found two older sahuagin preparing the harvested fungus for further processing. Though they quickly defeated the wise women, the party was able to learn that the deeper recesses of the caves were home to violet fungus, a highly toxic relative of the shrieker. The wise women attempted to trick the party into applying topical poisons to their skin instead of an anti-fungal unguent that they had handy, but their ruse was transparent. After the last sahuagin breathed her last, the party pushed past muck-laden leech breeding chamber before finding a relatively safe spot to camp for the evening.


Eel Eel

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