Arden Vilks

Overly Inquisitive Arcanist - Wizard/Cleric


Arden is an academic first and foremost. This is different than a scholar of course, in that he is more interested in getting published and landing a tenured position at the Academy of Ritual Arts and Natural Energies. But in the Dragon Empire, even a comfortable job like teaching neonates how to detonate the very air we breathe requires a certain measure of heroism. And thus, Arden is on his life’s greatest quest: to find something interesting and magical enough to catch the eye of his soon to be peers in the various fields.

Arden is a relatively nondescript person, average build, leaning slightly toward being strong, but only slightly, with dark hair kept short, and a short beard that makes its appearance any time he goes more than a week away from a real city.

What he carries, however, is much more fascinating. Arden is almost never found without at least 3 types of writing implements and media upon which to write. He carries half a dozen scroll cases and nearly that many tomes as well. Assorted pouches line his belt, each with a letter or two shoddily embroidered upon them. Dangling from his staff, his neck, each wrist, his belt, and a few random tie off points on his clothing, thumb-sized stone chips hang, covered in runes which closely resemble those runes used by adventurers to create impromptu enchantments.

As of yet, Arden does not wear any sort of hat.


Arden had a mostly uneventful childhood, accented occasionally with the sort of trouble that a bright kid in a small town manages to get into. When a wizard one town over started looking for an apprentice, Arden left his family and began his magical training, figuring that he must be a shoe in for the job. Much to his chagrin, being apprenticed Lenimrest was not actually magical training at all, but an excuse for the doddering old magician to have someone keep house without having to pay for it. Despite this setback, between being a delinquent housekeeper and plotting how to get out of his contract with the old man, Arden did manage to study quite a bit in the old wizard’s library.

Four long years later, at the age of fifteen, Arden was freed from his contract when Lenimrest died of old age. Seeking to start/continue his magical training, Arden went to Horizon, hoping to join the Academy of Ritual Arts and Natural Energies, and perhaps even learn enough technique to transform his sizable knowledge of magical theory into some practical wizardry.

At the Academy, Arden managed to get an assistance job, working with Mirriam, the leader in the field of runic magic. While under Mirriam’s Tutelage, Adren unlocked many secrets the runes had to offer, including some that Mirriam herself had not yet discovered. Most notable among these was the use of the Insight Rune to clear one’s mind and look at things with a totally new perspective.

Time at the Academy, however, wasn’t all fun and discovery, boring classes won’t pass themselves, and graduate students looking for something to do other than become professional adventurers and local Lenimrests have to find something to offer the system. Using his guarded secret of the Insight Rune, Arden became one of the best graduate assistant instructors in the institution, possessed with an amazing ability to teach things in a way that neonates could grasp, without building lessons upon the years of required knowledge that wasn’t actually needed to grasp the material.

But even with his significant reputation as a great instructor, nobody gets a tenured spot without their own published work and the Academy, and that requires a little field work.

Arden Vilks

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