Druid On Parole


Physical Description

Cyron’s physical stature represents a significant departure from standard Wood Elf stock. More compact and muscular than his brethren, his body reflects a life-time of martial training and arboreal imprisonment. His constant submersion in tree sap have colored his skin a lighter brown, his eyes a piercing red, and his hair a rustic amber. Despite his atrophied abilities, he retains the stance of a traditional druid warrior and moves with a purposeful lack of Elven grace.

While conducting himself “on business,” he wears a mostly complete set of strange metallic armor, which he claims is derived from an ore extracted from rare trees within the Wild Wood. To brace the incomplete armor, a spider silk armor, dyed in blood maroons and hunter greens, colors of the Master of Flowers sect of druids, has been woven into the gaps in the shoulders and waste. Despite his squat stature, he favors a meteor hammer variant, utilizing a specialized grappling hook instead of a heavy weight. His martial training allows him to employ it as part of a flowing fighting style. While off duty, he wears simpler tunics and pants of the same maroon and green schemes, eschewing most material forms of wealth and influence.


STR 10
CON 14
DEX 17
INT 12
WIS 17

Init 6
AC 18
PD 16
MD 15

HP 45
Recoveries: 8 (3d6+2)

Melee Bonus 6 (Rope and Hook aka “Meteor Hammer”)
Damage: 3d8+3

Ranged Bonus 6
Damage: 3d4

Race: Wood Elf
Racial Power: Elven Grace


  • One-Man Druid Army 3
  • Unseen Observer 3
  • Flowing Willow Style 2

Class Features

  • Divine Implements
  • Druid Summoning
  • Melee: Dexterity
  • Nature Talking
  • Wilderness Survival


Druid Warrior Adept

  • AC bump
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency
  • HP Bump


  • Ancestral Guidance
  • Beast Spirits
  • Invoke the Spirits
  • Shillelagh

Terrain Caster Initiate


  1. Warrior Druid – Adventure
  2. Terrain Caster (Ruins) – Adventure
  3. Nature Talking

Magic Items

Incremental Advances:



Icon Relationships

High Druid: Negative 2
Elf Queen: Negative 1

One Unique Thing

I was just released from a four-thousand year prison sentence.


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