Background: Enslaved Elven Demon Sack

Owning to a bit of bad luck on account of his birth, Theleor, the result of a love affair between an Elven noble and a common servant, was quickly offered up for the Rite of Elven Transfer, an odious practice of offering up High Elf undesirables to the agents of the Crusader for use as repositories for unkillable demons. Elves who find themselves a victim of this crime exist in a state of indentured servitude at best, or abject slavery at worst. Thelelor found himself in the former situation, apprenticed to an inquisitor as a scribe and researcher.

Background: Favored Pupil of Sadistic High Commander

As a reward for his diligence under the inquisitor, Theleor was given to High Commander Arlock Baelius, a prominent member of the Crusader’s inner circle. Baelius, a most unforgiving taskmaster, instructed Theleor in the various military styles and tactics of the Crusader’s legions, as well as popular counter tactics of the Diabolist and the Dragon Emperor. Baelius’s tutelage was punctuated with its tireless focus on perfection and cruelty. During this time, Theleor was also stripped of his name and given the name of a former High Commander (and Baelius’s tutor): Erimus.

Background: Inquisitor of the Red Sabers

Upon the completion of his tutelage and the death of his tutor at the hands of his political enemies, Erimus was transferred over to the Red Sabers, a group specializing in the infiltration and elimination of cabals dedicated to demon summoning. As the cell had recently lost their Inquisitor, and Erimus’s training could provide much need relief, he was placed in this position, though not elevated from his current servitude. His abilities, however, proved invaluable, as he assisted the group in three major offensives against agents of the Diabolist.

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