Enigmatic Diviner


Little is known about Eudora, other than that she’s a diviner of some skill, and is apparently able to arrange circumstances and meetings quite far in advance, though it seems as though her non-linear view of time may have left her addled.

Arden Vilks, Cyron, “Lightning” Gadwulf, and Sigurd Tyrfing were each provided free room and board at the Vermilion Drake, as well as a personalized gift basket with the following note from Eudora urging them to seek out the lost tomb of the past Emperor, Siryl Rex.

“I hope this find you well.

If I’ve actually pulled all this off, you should find yourself at a table with three friends. Or allies. Or enemies. Or lovers, perhaps? I can’t be certain of the exact nature of your relationships, but what I can be certain of, is that the four of you all share some strong tie which lets me reach out to you individually and call you here, to this precise time, at this precise place, for such an amazingly specific reason as to-…

Oh, where ARE my manners? You don’t even know why I have called you here. I have reason to believe that I am in grave danger. Or I will be in grave danger. or perhaps, by the time you’ll be reading this, it will be more like I was in grave danger? Divination, despite being such a precise science (or perhaps exactly because it requires such precision?) can really play havoc with your perception of linear time.

Anyway, I suspect that at some point, I’ll find myself in a great amount of danger. I will have been recently studying the tomb of a past Emperor, Siryl Rex near the edge of the Dire Wood, his favorite hunting grounds. I will have had no clue what danger awaits, though I will likely have been very certain that possible doom likely awaited me. Again, that’s divination for you.

I wouldn’t expect most people to harry off sight-unseen to rescue someone they’ve possibly never yet ever met, but I’m counting on being able to expect you to do the unexpected (unexpectable?). Just in case you currently aren’t, or aren’t likely soon to be the kind of people to do such things out of the kindness of your hearts, I’ve included a personal gift that each of you should find intriguing. I can promise you that there is plenty more to be found in Siryl’s tomb, no matter what condition you may possibly find me in.

Thank you now and forever,

After a long slog through Siryl’s tomb, the party encountered her in a hidden chamber, seemingly accompanied by only a trio of orcs, where she babbled in a mostly incoherent manner and acted erratically.



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