"Lightning" Gadwulf

Disgraced Circus Star - Human Ranger




ONE NIGHT ONLY—“Lightning” Gadwulf will perform impossible feats of archery… on horseback! Watch in amazement as he fires an arrow through an apple 200 meters away. Children of all ages will be thrilled by the stunts performed by his trusty companion, Marlowe the Falcon. Admission is only 10 coppers.

MURDER—Local resident Nizra Kerowin, 29, was brutally slain last night. Her killer, “Lightning” Gadwulf, arrived in town yesterday as part of a traveling circus. Upon arrival, Gadwulf went to Kerowin’s home and engaged in a dispute with her before firing a single arrow through her heart. Patrolmen received reports of a commotion and went to the scene of the crime to find Gadwulf standing over his victim. The patrolmen tried to apprehend the killer, but were viciously flogged by his pet falcon. Gadwulf plucked the evidence of his crime from his victim’s chest and fled the scene. His current whereabouts are unknown. The council will announce a bounty for bringing the murderer to justice later today.

GRIM ANNIVERSARY—Today marks one year since our community was shocked by the gruesome murder of one of our own. Unsettling questions linger: what drove “Lightning” Gadwulf to slay an unarmed woman? Where is he now? Some say that they have seen his falcon in the woods nearby, but these rumors are unconfirmed. His bounty remains at 100 gold pieces.

"Lightning" Gadwulf

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