Harried, but never haggard. Busy, but never bothered.


Leona always looks like she’s just about at her wit’s end. As the most senior barmaid (without a pegleg) in the Vermilion Drake, she’s always darting from here to there, fetching ale or Dragon’s Blood (sometimes its the famed wine from the Eltnen Winery in New Port… and sometimes it’s literal dragon’s blood) for some adventurer or another.


Leona never intended to be an adventurer. In fact, she only ever left her small town because she heard her uncle’s tales of the Vermilion Drake, and she knew she had to work there. Her uncle was well-loved by the staff there, so when she showed up with his bloodstained invitation after a dungeon-delve gone wrong, the staff took pity on her and gave her the job.

Since then, she’s flourished in the job. The Vermilion Drake tends to have two kinds of employees: lifers and passersby. You either have what it takes, or you wash out. Leona has established herself as the former, and now has a knowledge of the beers, ale, wines, meads (and more) of the empire that practically borders on the alchemical. Her brushes with all kinds of adventurers, with all kinds of abilities, from all kinds of races, have also taught her a lot about the Empire and the various and sundry people and cultures that inhabit it. It’s also made her wonder what her life could have been like as an adventurer… but the cruel scar on her stomach always reminds her of what she left behind.


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