Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater

Magistra Scientiae, Transubstantiatrix


While Mavery inherited her father’s steel blue eyes, generous frame, ginger hair and overly-familiar manners, she didn’t take on much of his genial, friendly demeanor. No, instead she takes after her mother: caustic, demanding and shrewd.


Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater is as much of a self-made woman as you can be when your father insists that you want for nothing, even if he has to do without. Her whole life has been one of unasked for presents and unwanted surprise parties and a whole lot of unwarranted, unnecessary resentment. After putting herself through school and making a small, comfortable fortune from well-timed spell patents, she was finally able to convince him to spend her inheritance on one of his dreams: a home in Horizon. Unfortunately, try as she might, he’s still hell-bent on spoiling her with an arranged marriage.

Well, something certainly feels spoiled anyway.

Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater

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