Olhivier Lancestoix Albignon Cunningwater

Irrepressible Optimist


Monsieur Ohlivier Lancestoix Albignon Cunningwater’s features are dominated by a wide, gap-toothed grin, sparkling blue eyes, and some of the biggest, gingerest muttonchops the Dragon Empire’s ever seen on a human. His mannerisms are dominated by an overly familiar, friendly demeanor and wide, sweeping gestures.


Mssr. Cunningwater is a man that many would have considered defeated long ago. He’s lost more family fortunes than most people can count, and about half as many actual families. Through it all, he’s managed to hold on to two simple dreams: to own a home in each of The Seven Citiesand to arrange an advantageous marriage for each of his seven daughters.

Olhivier Lancestoix Albignon Cunningwater

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