Sigurd Tyrfing

Barbarian - Lunar Tribe Warrior


Sex – Male
Hair – Black
Skin – Tan
Eyes – Red
Height – 7ft 6in
Weight – 220lb
Age – 23

Sigurd is a tall, muscular human male. Long Black hair and disturbing Red eyes. He i always wearing his Studded Leather armor and a Fur Cloak. Strapped to his back is a very sturdy looking Longbow with feathers attached to it and a well used Greatsword with what looks like more feathers and some bones attached to the hilt.



Sigurd was born under a Full Moon to the Lunar Tribe who makes its home on the back of a Koru. They believe that when you are born the moon can help predict the person. They train the children born under the Full Moon to be warriors and teach them the ways to harness their emotions for battle through meditation. Children born under Half Moon are taught the ways of the Tribal Leaders. Waxing/Waning are taught to be Shamans. New Moon children are taught the ways stealth and infiltration. Not everyone takes to their roll and become farmers/foragers, shepherds, cooks, and etc. Sigurd, as one would guess, took to being a warrior as few had ever seen. On his 18th Birthday he left the tribe to expand his horizons.

He traveled for awhile trying to learn what he could. Not knowing much about the world but fighting he found his path led him to Axis and the Arenas. Becoming a Gladiator he found fame and little bit of fortune as he rose through ranks quickly becoming a fan favorite. Rumor was that he had become the favorite gladiator of the Emperor after 2 years fighting in the Arenas. Getting restless he was recruited to join the fight of the Crusader.

There he gained a little more training in the “civilized” combat. He still preferred to fight in his leathers and with his great sword. Some of the others looked down on him because of his “barbaric” ways. Training and riding with the Crusader for a year he found that it left a bad taste in his mouth. He did not like the way the Crusader and his men worked, with no regard for life. He left them behind and is now continuing on his journey to find his place in the world.

Sigurd Tyrfing

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