The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 9
In Which a Pit is Descended Into and Ascended Out Of, and In Which Horizon Is Entered

Woodsday, 11 Harmony, 13:1066 – Sunday, 15 Harmony, 13:1066

Having defeated the foul black dragon Golthrash, the party made quick work of exploring her dank den. A side tunnel led to several piles of tarnished coins, a small collection of potions, and a magical belt. Once convinced the chamber had been thoroughly turned over, the party descended into the whirlpool in the center.

The pool funneled into yet another dank chamber, this one full of ruined furniture, treasure amidst rubble, and a very, very irate transmuter. Golthrash, it turns out, had tasked her Vipers to find her a “noble, princess, merchant, somebody who looks important and ambitious, but also doesn’t look special. Well, I mean, they have to look special, but not too special. You know, someone who has something to gain by backing our glorious revolution, but not someone who could, you know, make waves in our upcoming path to righteousness,” and in trying to follow her orders, they carted off Mavery, Arden’s betrothed. Golthrash’s plan was to groom the mage to be her cat’s-paw, but alas, those plans were cut short.

Mavery, of course, blamed the party for lulling the caravan into a false sense of security, which, in turn, let her feel comfortable enough to let her wards down. Yes, her not applying her wards was their fault. No, she’s probably not done being mad about it.

Once in Horizon, the party made a pit stop at A.R.C.A.N.E. where Arden planned to see if an old contact of his, Lenny the Nose, an errant oneiromancer, might have any information on what to do about Eudora’s insanity. He seemed remarkably familiar with her, and despite her hazy, scattered demeanor, she seemed to recognize him. Lenny suggested that the party might want to see if the naga who had hypnotized her could undo it, and upon finding out he had been slain, suggested that they reanimate the naga’s skull. Once it was apparent that the party wasn’t impressed with that idea, he suggested that they might be able to “pull her back” from her current state by entering her mind through her dreams and reassembling her fragmented psyche. This would, of course, require expensive magical treatments, long term care and a discreet mage who wouldn’t turn Eudora in for turning to banned magics in pursuit of Siryl Rex’s tomb. He was, naturally, the most discreet mage they could probably find.

Talitha, could, of course, point out that the magical treatments involved weren’t expensive at all, and that walking into dreams came naturally to her, given her night elf nature. The fact that she was probably more discreet and probably way less creepy than Lenny hung heavy in the air, like the scent of the dried sedge Lenny was burning in his office, no doubt to cover up his own bullshit. When the party performed a short, impromptu ritual to grant Eudora a small amount of lucidity, she was surprised to see Lenny, and remarked that she’d probably rather face expulsion by her academic supervisors than let him fix her.

And with that, the party made plans to split up, go about their own devices, research their findings at the tomb, and eventually reconvene at the House of the Silver Key, a magical inn that allowed its guests to experience a sumptuous shared dreamspace, with the plan that Talitha would be able to use the inn’s unique amenities to allow the entire party to enter Eudora’s dreaming mind.


Lenny the Nose


Session 9.1 – Wandering the Streets of Horizon
Session 9.2 – Researching New Horizons

Session 8
In Which a Dragon is Killed and a Revolution Stopped in its Infancy

Woodsday, 11 Harmony, 1066, 13th Age

The party wended their way through the narrow, subterranean passages for what felt like hours until they opened up into a cavernous chamber. More large tunnels fed into the chamber from the left and the right, while a set of crudely constructed wooden steps led to a natural stone balcony fifteen feet above. As they neared the center of the room, three dragonic figures stepped forward. The two burlier figures shouted in unison, “None shall pass the Vipers!” while a black-scaled individual peered from behind a cowl. “All glory to Golthrash!”

As the party moved forward to engage, several kobolds crept from the shadows, striking with deadly viciousness. The dragonic soldiers positioned them to defend the cowled figure, who fought adeptly with both its natural gifts, as well as chaos magic. While the battle raged on both fronts, thundering roars echoed from deeper chambers. Once the opposition was defeated, the party traveled onward, toward the source of the bellowing.

The tunnels snaked through the earth, often doubling back or coiling in what felt like circles. As the party drew closer, the roars died down, only to be replaced by the rantings of an obvious lunatic and the sounds of rushing water. The passages eventually opened into a grand chamber, with a vast waterfall in the center. An immense black dragon paced back and forth, describing, at great length, her plans to overthrow the Empire to a rapt audience of her kobold honor guard and the black dragonic sorcerer who led them. As the party entered the chamber, the great beast turned to peer at them, cocked her head, and spoke. “Ah! Morsels! Entertain me with stories of your travels, or become my evening meal!” The party, however, was in no mood to parley.

Golthrash moved swiftly, spewing her acidic breath over the party, before moving in with her claws and fangs. Her “court wizard” called upon similar attacks, while the “honor guard” weaved in and out of the shadows, to strike at their advantage. The party was nearly laid low until a well-timed bead of force trapped the mighty black dragon, giving the party a chance to breathe and dispatch her minions. With them out of the picture, it became a much simpler fight, though it was brutal until the very end.

With the dragon vanquished, the party began to search the cave’s chambers for Arden’s new bride-to-be, as well as the unspoken promise of a newly liberated dragon’s hoard…

Session 7
In Which Engagements are Made and Maidens are Stolen

With the foul naga Osakay slain, the party took a well-earned rest to discuss their next moves as they tried to decide what to do with an enigmatic black wand and a broken diviner. Since she seemed to know about the wand, and had somehow managed to bring the party together for some purpose that seemed tied to it, restoring her fractured sanity seemed like the smart thing to do. This, however, left them with the ultimate question: What is the smartest way to do the smart thing to do?

Horizon, the city of magical wonders, looms and hovers roughly northeast. Eudora was certainly a member of some guild in the great arcanopolis, and they might have both the means and desire to either fix, or at least, take her in. In addition, Arden also had business with A.R.C.A.N.E., which could easily include following up on the translation of the wand’s mysterious name: “Ruat,” a word whose original meaning was steeped in concepts like “decay” and “fall”.

Sigurd, fearing that anyone in Horizon who could help Eudora would be more interested in exploiting her in some fashion, proposed other ideas. Watchtower, his tribe’s patron Koru behemoth, should be thundering along the southern Koru trails. Their shaman should be able to provide insight, and possibly alternate forms of mental healing, to Eudora. He also suggested that they may be able to place their faith in Santa Cora, in hopes that one of the city’s countless holy men and women could heal her addled mind, or at least offer her a place to stay free from exploitation.

Without anything firmly decided, the party decided to begin the trek back to civilization. As they left behind the towering arbors of the Dire Wood for the far more familiar, mundane sparse forests and plains that surround Horizon, their encounters took a turn for the whimsical, as they had to parley with a false purple dragon and help the World’s Cutest Kobold tribe find a place to live.

As they drew nearer to Horizon, they came upon a traveling caravan of minor nobles and wealthy merchants. With a brutal storm blowing in, the party negotiated their way into the nobles’ camp in exchange for protection and a promise that one of them, ultimately Arden, would agree to wed Lady Mavery Goldsend Lannaiya Erinnia Cunningwater, middle daughter of the Cunningwater Merchant-Noble family, and a mage of minor distinction in her own right. When she ended up kidnapped in the night, on the party’s watch, they had little choice but to follow the kobold tracks into the putrid swamp where they had recently seen a tremendous, eel-like figure soaring sinuously above the cypress. The tracks eventually led them to the mouth of a cave that cut into a wooded hill, like the scowling maw of an Imperial tax assessor.

The party made their way into the first dank, yawning chamber of the swamp cave. Small ledges lined the ceiling, while a massive fungal bloom covered a small fetid pool and threatened to overtake the earthen ramp toward the back of the cave. As they drew further into the cave, kobolds leaped from ledge to ledge, aided by old, rusty chains, swooping in with a swipe of their blades or a toss of their nets as they passed. On the ramp, a trio of remarkably well disciplined kobold soldiers blocked the path. The battle reached a fevered pitch, but the party prevailed. They ascended the ramp to the next chamber with only the distant sound of rushing water to greet them…

Session 6
In Which a Snake Gets What's Coming To Him

The party began by questioning Eudora, though the mad diviner proved less than useful. After watching Sigurd and Talitha engage in some fruitless back-and-forth, Arden decided to try a different approach. By creating a magically sympathetic link between Eudora’s timepiece, the letters she had written, and a freshly-written sample of the diviner he was able to sequester the memories of what had driven her insane (well, insane_r_), “rolling back the hour hand” on her madness, allowing her to be much more lucid for an hour.

She used this hour to explain that she had come to this tomb to research the secret history of Siryl Rex, his ascendancy, his rule, and the scepter he bore as a symbol of his office. When she had reached the tomb, Osakay, a dark naga had already taken roost and recruited some local orcs, ogres and trolls to serve him while he made nebulous plans to expand his little banditry operation into something larger, as naga are oft wont to do. Knowing that she couldn’t hope to fight him, and overestimating her skills and underestimating his, she made a deal that she would aid him as a seer if he allowed her to study the tomb. While she didn’t have memories over much of what came next (as they were in the temporary reliquary Arden had fashioned) the consensus assumption was that he had used his hypnotic charm to slowly drive her mad.

After helping the party piece together recent history in the tomb, they used the remainder of her lucidity to search the tomb, just to double check that he wasn’t tucked away in some corner, hiding. Given the timing, they drew the conclusion that he had indeed fled the tomb, likely to meet up with the patrol he had sent out to waylay anyone traveling near the Dire Wood. While they had no luck in locating Osakay, they did manage to find a fair chunk of loot and Talitha was able to get a firm bead on his trail.

The party hunted and stalked Osakay and his patrol as they wound their way through the Wood, waiting for the perfect time to strike. The first day, they traveled fairly openly, concerned that the naga and his minions would be wary of followers, or that Eudora, in a fit of eccentricity, might give away their position. As luck would have it, Osakay was busy enough keeping his patrol in line that neither he, nor the patrol, managed to notice the party. While they rested that night, Talitha crept into the dreams of the troll, which were of a never-ending hellscape of hunger and endlessly fertile growth. Through the haze, she was able to get a vision of the perfect spot for an ambush: a forested cliff nearby.

They were more protective of their advantages the second day. They hung back carefully, blending in to their surroundings when they could, hanging back, far out of sight, when they couldn’t. They were bolstered with confidence, knowing that the perfect ambush was there for them, if they could just be patient enough to wait for it. That night, however, was not so peaceful.

During the late watch, the party observed that Eudora was sleeping fitfully, talking in her sleep about spiders and dogs, snapping her jaws and growling, all the while there was a baleful howling. The baying had started earlier in the night, but was now just at the edge of the camp. Finally, the diviner shot upright and screamed, as three howls pierced the night in perfect unison as three hideous, lupine spider-monstrosities attacked the party. The battle was harrowing, but through spell, blade and claw, the party eventually won out… though Eudora was so frightened by the nightmare form that Talitha had assumed (a hideous, corpulent combination of woman and squid) they had to administer a sleeping tincture to calm her nerves.

The next morning, the patrol passed the fateful cliff, and the party sprung their ambush from higher ground. Sigurd blocked the only path up the cliff face, leaving the patrol exposed to attacks from Arden, Talitha and the air elemental that she had summoned prior to the fight. The ogres attempted to scale the cliff face, but every time they made it to the top, Talitha or Arden would send them crashing down. The fight wore on despite that party’s advantageous position, and doom seemed certain as both Arden and Sigurd were knocked unconscious and Talitha was imprisoned in a bubble of arcane force, but eventually Sigurd got to his feet and the bubble gave way, giving them the chance they needed to finally finish Osakay.

After the grueling battle, Sigurd cleaved into the naga’s body, finding a leathery, sack-like organ where he hid useful items… including Siryl’s wand.


Dark Gods
Party Loot

[OOC Notes: Erimus wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t attend this session. Arion was having issues with his internet and dropped out early. Talitha was in attendance, but suffering a migraine, so she took a couple breaks and had to leave a little early, too. Even so, it was a VERY productive session!]

Session 5
In Which Glass Breaks, Ogres Laugh, Orcs Bleed, a Diviner Babbles, and Maybe, Just Maybe a Bad Guy Gets Away

Just as the party was drawing near what appeared to be another tomb to Siryl Rex, Arden returned. After some debate about how best to approach the tomb, Arden enlisted the help of Arion to lift the lid on the sarcophagus. As they did, the stained glass panels flashed briefly. accompanied by a sound that was halfway between the tinkling of a crystal chime and a gem cutter plying their trade, as the two figures depicted in the panels began to move. As the glass golems stepped out of their settings, Arion and Erimus crumpled to the floor, their life force temporarily animating the constructs.

The sounds of battle with the golems drew spectators: ogres from the adjacent chamber. Luckily, the two great oafs were too big to both fit through the adjoining cavern’s mouth at the same time, leading them to abuse and slap each other as they tried to get unstuck. which they only managed to accomplish as the last golem fell.

As the ogres joined the fray, the battle turned from ugly to near hopeless, as both Talitha and Sigurd Tyrfing fell. Luckily, in a desperate move, Arden was able to blast both ogres with a holy rune, taking one of them down and crippling the other. Talitha was able to get to her feet just in time to sink a final arrow into the last ogre, finally allowing the party a chance to regroup.

After taking a moment to lick their wounds, Arden recognized the “most famous secret door in history,”. When Mitcou’s architect was having Siryl’s tomb built, celebrated desinger and mason accidentally published the details of a particular passage by mistake. While no one knew where Siryl’s tomb was, anyone who had ever studied Fifth Age architecture would know how to access a handful of the secret rooms. They readied themselves for battle yet again.

Sigurd’s mighty thews threw the secret door open with a crash, startling the enemies within. The party poured through, making quick work of the orcs, moving swiftly into the next room, where two figures awaited them: an orcish bagpiper and a babbling mage, her back turned to the party, facing the wall. The orc was dispatched quickly and the mage was restrained. She made no attempts to fight, but at the same time, was wholly uncooperative… so, the party incapacitated her while they returned to the great hall, resigning to explore the staircase that seemed to ascend to the upper floor after dealing with the difficult wizard.

Once they had finished a cursory search of the great hall to make sure no other enemies were lurking, they holed up in one of the rooms that had been serving as a troll den, as despite the hideous smell, it would be a fairly defensible room where they could rest and interrogate the mysterious mage, who they were able to identify as the diviner Eudora.


Lunar Tribe
Glass Golems



[OOC Notes: Erimus’ player could not make it to this session, and Arion’s player was on a business trip, but was able to play from his hotel room, though he did have to miss a chunk of the session. Their absences were explained by saying that the glass golems pulled energy from the two of them to provide the spark of life that animated them. This left Erimus unconscious and Arion disoriented for much of the session. There will, of course, be no lasting effects. It did make a nice plot convenience though, so kudos to Arden’s player for spinning that particular yarn.]

Session 4
In Which Allies are Found and Trolls are Slain

Gadwulf, having sustained a nasty otyugh bite, was quickly taken by a fever that Arden could not cure. Luckily, Cyron possessed ancient lore that could help him, but it would require time to rest, which the party could not spare. The difficult decision was made for Gadwulf and Cyron to stay behind, in a relatively safe area, while Sigurd and Arden pressed on.

As Cyron and Gadwulf fell back, Sigurd entered the otyugh lair and heaved his greatsword into the dark, felling the Boneshadow Clan shaman in a single blow. After the orc’s death, the cave fell eerily silent. Arden and Sigurd trekked on, searching for Eudora to no avail, though they did manage to find an assortment of overlooked oils and runes.

Realizing that they were effectively down two men and wanting to hasten the search for Eudora, Arden used a scroll to summon a bloodhound spirit to help them locate prisoners. It alerted their attention to a hidden door in the burial chamber of Mitcou, Siryl Rex’s wizard, advisor and lover, which led them through a secret tunnel into an old crypt chamber, where three people, a pale elf woman, a rather small dwarf, and a silver-haired human, were bound and gagged.

The elf’s eyes widened as Arden released her bonds. She and the silver-haired human seemed relieved to see him, though Arden had no recollection of either of them, until the elf broke a stone that she had purloined from Arden, returning his memories of their past adventures. After some quick discussion, they realized that they were all tied to Eudora and decided that they would be best served by banding together.

They made haste through the secret passages, quickly finding the troll who was among the patrol that waylaid the prisoners as they searched the valley for Siryl’s tomb. Though Erimus, Talitha and Arion were severely underequipped and Arden and Sigurd were pushed to their limits, they all managed to swiftly dispatch the troll. Siryl’s tomb was just beyond the troll’s chamber, but despite being among the hidden halls, it appeared to have been looted years before. Investigating Siryl’s cracked sarcophagus, they discovered a small treasure hoard in addition to the prisoners’ missing gear. Figuring that they wouldn’t have a better chance to catch the breath, the party took this opportunity to rest while Arden fell back to check on Gadwulf and Cyron.

Once rested, the party emerged from the hidden tunnels back to the crypt where several of them had been held prisoner. Just outside the door, they could make out the deep voices and heavy breathing of two very large humanoids. They were speaking in a strange pidgin of Giant and Orcish, which Sigurd was able to understand snatches of, while Talitha recognized certain aspects of ancient Night Elf grammar. They listened for a few moments, then broke into the great hall, where they discovered another troll and an immense ogre, who barely able to contain his excitement at intruders, began frothing at the mouth and chewing on his own lips in anticipation. The battle was fierce, but the party’s combined efforts eventually dispatched their hulking opponents.

The great hall gave way to smaller corridor to the south, each wall bordered by stained glass depicting an armored figure; one a knight, the other a king. Beyond that lay an elaborate sarcophagus, with a detailed carving of a bearded man. A plaque on the sarcophagus read “SIRYL REX, CONQUEROR AND STATESMAN”.



Great Silver Wyrm
Night Elves

[OOC notes: This session opened with Gadwulf being wounded, Cyron falling back to assist him, and Arden later going back to check on them to account for some roster changes and absences. Gadwulf’s player needed to temporarily drop from the campaign to focus on real world stuff, Cyron’s player wanted to swap out a druid for a commander, and Arden’s player was playing from out of town and could only attend part of the session. In addition, Talitha and Arion’s players joined this game from another version of the same campaign which had just collapsed.]

Session 3
In Which Orcs are Killed, Orcs are Slain, Orcs are Destroyed (MEEEEEOOOOOW!!!)

Knowing that the halls ahead are fraught with orcs, the party decides that ambush is the better part of valor and gets the drop on the orcs in the western chambers. Orcs poured out of the roughly hewn cavern, first the low-ranking peons, followed by Wolfcutter, First Sword of Clan Blacktusk. After Cyron called upon the roots and cavern walls to dispatch the orc swordsman, Blacktusk, Boss of Clan Blacktusk, entered the fray, while the clan shaman, Hellface, called down curses from the Gods of Black Earth, but soon they fell as well.

There was little time to celebrate their victory, however, as the party realized that the orcs in the eastern chamber, the Boneshadow Clan, were aware of the battle, and would likely be planning a counterstrike. Pressing on, they made quick work of the rank and file Boneshadows as well as their Clan Berserker, Kharrll. An overwhelming stench filled the chambers as a pair of otyughs ambled to the fore. As the last otyugh crumpled in a heap under Arden’s staff, the party could hear heavy footfalls clomping through the caverns where they filthy aberrations made their nest…



Session 2
In Which Two Heads Aren't Necessarily Better Than One

Our intrepid band left the Vermilion Drake and headed southeast to the Dire Wood, in search of the lost tomb of Siryl Rex, an Emperor of the Fifth Age. As they made their way through the perilous primeval hunting grounds of the past Emperors, they were beset by dire wolves, but luckily Gadwulf was able to trap and skin the beasts, making sure that the party was well-fed. Later, they were ambushed by vicious pygmies, who had perhaps been tracking the same wolves, but they were easily dispatched with Arden and Cyron’s combined might. Unfortunately, this led to an encounter with their ancient guardian spirits. This would have spelled doom for lesser adventurers, but having grown up amongst a Moon Barbarian tribe, Sigurd knew how to make an offer of wolf-flesh to appease them. Their final trial dealt with a maddened and wounded forest giant (dire elf?) who was lashing out like a wild beast at anything nearby as a result of the pygmy poisons coursing through his veins. Gadwulf was able to blind him with an arrow, giving the rest of the party a chance to move in to end the wild giant’s rampage.

After a brief rest, the party came across a very steep descent into one of the Dire Wood’s many deep valleys. From the rough directions in Eudora’s gift baskets, they knew this particular valley to be the final resting place of Syril Rex. As they crept toward the tomb, they found a midden full of strange refuse. Bits of masonry and plaster frescoes dating back to the late Fifth Age were mixed in among debris and detritus that Arden was able to identify as orcsign. Just as Arden was working out the details, Cyron and Sigurd spotted orcish sentries hiding in a hollowed out boulder. They made short work of the orcs, and then proceeded to take the fight to two more guard posts. Cyron dispatched the final guard with a well-placed hammer throw to the orc’s face before he could raise an alarm.

After finishing with the sentries, the party realized that an immense, two-headed giant blocked the entryway. Though he guarded the entrance with growls and grimaces, he was quick to parley and was more than happy to let the party go without a fight if they agreed to free him of his manacles. Arden whipped up a quick impromptu ritual to depolarize the shackle, which successfully freed the ettin, but led him to believe that he had been attacked. He chased Arden into the fields, until he finally realized he had been set free. At that point, he promptly bee-lined into a spiked pit. After being healed by Arden and pulling himself free, the ettin thanked the party and warned them about the “big snake,” the “greenskins,” and the “littler giants.” He also told them that they should be nice to his friends. “I hate one of them, but the other one’s okay. Alright, BYE!” Then the ettin fled, this time managing to avoid any spiked pits.

Having dealt with the entry’s guardian, the party moved forward. The first room they encountered was an old altar, which had since become the dwelling of the other ettin kept chained by the orcish residents of the tomb. Perhaps thinking it best to let sleeping ettins lie, the party left the room.

Across the hall, they found an immense ogre, his back festooned with hideous scabs and oozing wounds, grumbling to himself as he washed a half dozen buckets. They quietly pulled the door back shut and used the now-free ettin’s manacle to jury-rig a lock, thus ensuring that Scabs the Ogre would be left undisturbed while he cleaned his buckets.

Moving further into the tomb’s halls, they encountered a series of trapped side chambers. While their trapped entries proved difficult to pass without incident, Cyron did manage to position himself in such a way that the deadfall managed not to fall fully, thus preventing it from alerting anyone else in the tomb. Unfortunately, this particular side chamber had been looted long ago. The closest thing to treasure held here was the collection of old wooden pilings used by previous looters.

Twenty feet ahead, two hallways curl into spiral stairs that descend deeper into the cliff face. Ahead and to the right is a strange array of switches. Ahead and to the left are orcish voices, engaged in some form of argument. Immediately to the left, one of the side burial chambers seems to have been converted into a makeshift smithy.



Session 1
In Which Something Almost Happens

While defending a trade caravan doing a circuit of the Seven Cities, Sigurd Tyrfing and Linen Galondiir “Lightning” Gadwulf stumbled across a bejeweled scroll case. Inside were two invitations to the Vermilion Drake, an exclusive adventurers-only tavern in Horizon. Stranger still, the invitations were personally addressed to Sigurd and Linen.

Meanwhile in the Wild Wood, Cyron and Arden Vilks were fresh off a delve into a snakeman-infested ziggurat when they were approached by mysterious warriors. After fighting to a standstill, the warriors simply nodded and handed Cyron and Arden their own personalized invitations to the Vermilion Drake.

Upon their arrival, Cyron and Arden were told to wait with Sigurd and Linen, who had already arrived and were also awaiting the free meals that their invitations promised. Each adventurer was presented with a basket with splendid meals, rare vintages and brews, and a parchment with a strange purple seal and a personalized gift. Cyron’s basket also included a hand-written letter apologizing for not having one of his favorite foods on hand for the baskets.

Each parchment was written in the language that the reader would have been most comfortable, and read roughly as follows:

“I hope this find you well.

If I’ve actually pulled all this off, you should find yourself at a table with three friends. Or allies. Or enemies. Or lovers, perhaps? I can’t be certain of the exact nature of your relationships, but what I can be certain of, is that the four of you all share some strong tie which lets me reach out to you individually and call you here, to this precise time, at this precise place, for such an amazingly specific reason as to-…

Oh, where ARE my manners? You don’t even know why I have called you here. I have reason to believe that I am in grave danger. Or I will be in grave danger. or perhaps, by the time you’ll be reading this, it will be more like I was in grave danger? Divination, despite being such a precise science (or perhaps exactly because it requires such precision?) can really play havoc with your perception of linear time.

Anyway, I suspect that at some point, I’ll find myself in a great amount of danger. I will have been recently studying the tomb of a past Emperor, Siryl Rex near the edge of the Dire Wood, his favorite hunting grounds. I will have had no clue what danger awaits, though I will likely have been very certain that possible doom likely awaited me. Again, that’s divination for you.

I wouldn’t expect most people to harry off sight-unseen to rescue someone they’ve possibly never yet ever met, but I’m counting on being able to expect you to do the unexpected (unexpectable?). Just in case you currently aren’t, or aren’t likely soon to be the kind of people to do such things out of the kindness of your hearts, I’ve included a personal gift that each of you should find intriguing. I can promise you that there is plenty more to be found in Siryl’s tomb, no matter what condition you may possibly find me in.

Thank you now and forever,

They questioned the barmaid, Leona about the baskets and who delivered them, but the line of questioning clearly made her uncomfortable, as she began to suspect that she was the butt of yet another wizardly prank. Linen seemed to calm her mood by assuring her that she saved someone’s life by helping bring them all together. As they were about to leave, the barkeep notified them that their rooms were paid for in full, Deciding that it might be better to hit the road after a good night’s rest, they all agreed to set out the next day for the Dire Wood.

[09/21/14 Edit]
Oh, and Linen totally slept with Leona.


Vermilion Drake
Dire Wood
Siryl Rex

Session 0

The pre-campaign preliminary session went well. Matt and Cory were not able to join, but we did gain a Draino and possibly a Rhiannon. Video chat doesn’t seem popular, but voice chat went over well. I will have to work with roll20 a bit more that I’m more comfortable with the settings, and I’ll definitely want to set up maps and pick out tokens, and maaaaaybe music before the actual session.

I had intended to do icon rolls before the session ended, but we didn’t quite get around to it. Rich and Alan DID roll theirs though, and I’ll edit the rest in when we get the chance.

Lich King (+/-): 5, 5
Dragon Emperor (-): 1

Dragon Emperor (): 1
Crusader (
/-): 1
Orc Lord (-): 2


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