House of the Silver Key

Far from the college district and the usual tourist traps in Horizon, the House of the Silver Key doesn’t initially seem worth the exorbitant price tag. Its snowy white marble surfaces and white spruce furnishings to carry with them a decidedly spartan touch of class and elegance in a city that’s often garish, but upon a first inspection, it seems to lack many of the amenities that inns much cheaper than it offer as a matter of course. The baths are clean and the water is hot, but there are few servants to assist. The food is good, but is universally lighter fare than most are accustomed to. In house entertainment is vanishingly rare, and is generally only offered if an entertainer happens to be staying at the House, and even then, only if the entertainer feels generous enough to offer their services at no cost to the establishment or its other patrons.

So what does the House of the Silver Key offer to make it worth the price? Well, it has the most sumptuous bedding in the entirety of the Dragon Empire. Unless you’ve shared a bed with the Elven Queen, you’ve never slept on a bed half as nice as those at the House. Even without a mattress, you could make a nest on the floor out of spare blankets and pillows and you’d have a night’s rest that could rival even the best beds at the most expensive inns in Axis.

Oh, there’s also the fact that anyone who sleeps at the House of the Silver Key finds themselves in a shared dreamscape with the other guest, full of untold splendor and unearthly experiences, all staffed by a cast of charismatic talking guardian animal spirits.

But really, it’s probably those 4000-thread count New Port Cotton sheets.

House of the Silver Key

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