Iconic Motivations

These short, in-character sentences briefly sum up what I imagine some the icons’ motivations for obtaining or dealing with the Rod might be. From an in-setting perspective, these might not all necessarily be true, but they’re what a sage or scholar might expect each icon to say or think about the Rod.

From an out of character, in game perspective, these are all just starting points. As of right now, this is just a list of my ideas. If you’ve got something you think might add to this, or be cooler all around, feel free to post about it in the forums. We’re telling this story together, so there’s no reason why my ideas have to be the dominant ones.

As time goes on and you discover more info, or we add to the story of the game, I might come back and revise or expand these statements. But for now, here we go:

“Reality has laws too, and no one else has the expertise and understanding to wield such a powerful and dangerous artifact.”

“With this Rod, I shall extinguish chaos.”

“I’ll be damned if some old stick is going to defeat me. Wait, I’m damned anyway.”

Dwarf King
“With the Rod, we can vanquish the giants, reclaim our homelands and make our people safe.”

Elf Queen
“Mend the Rod, mend my People”

“I am the law; the Rod shall keep me just.”

Great Gold Wyrm
“No man, nor wyrm, should rule absolutely.”

High Druid
“Let the laws of nature be the whole of Law”

Lich King
“With the Rod, I’ll take back what’s mine.”

Orc Lord
“Laws were made to break; cities were made to burn.”

“As above, so below. The Empire would benefit from the rule of Heaven.”

Prince of Shadows
“Rod of Law? That doesn’t sound good for me.”

The Three
“No Man should rule.”

Iconic Motivations

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