The Archmage is the world’s most powerful purely arcane force. His experiments and rituals both keep the world safe and endanger the very fabric of resistance.

The Crusader has dedicated himself in service to the Dark Gods. Everyone else is glad that the Dark Gods are more concerned with eradicating demons than anything else… especially the followers of the Gods of Light.

The Diabolist reaches out to the darkest sources for power, and revels in the chaos and misery she creates. However, there may be a part of her humanity remaining, which would explain her occasional acts of kindness.

The Dwarf King rules over a people divided by several duties. Should he reclaim the ancestral lands that were long ago lost to the Dark Elves, or should he remain a steadfast ally of the Empire in their time of need, when they may not be able to protect themselves from the Giants that threaten them?

The Elf Queen presides over the Court of Stars, the one place where all the Elven Peoples can (sort of) get along. She might not have the focused arcane might of the Archmage, but her sorcery has been honed by centuries of experience.

The Emperor is a mighty ruler, but ultimately a mortal once. He controls the greatest human empire in the world, but he’s largely untested. As the Age turns, will he provide the the stability his people have always known, or will he kindle the flames of war that his nation was built on?

The Great Gold Wyrm once served as a living beacon of hope and justice, serving as the inspiration for knightly and monastic orders around the world. While his current role as a living ward in the vast, yawning hellpit known as the Abyss means he’s no longer physically present, he still manages to send out dreams and grant powers to those who heed the call… and sometimes to those who try not to.

The High Druid rules over the edges of the world, where the Empire’s reach either does not extend or is slowly withdrawing… though she’d gladly lay claim to the whole of it. She longs to see the world untamed and unshackled. It’d certainly be nice if the people living in it could be a part of it, but that’s probably not entirely necessary.

The Lich King ruled long before there was ever a Dragon Empire. The good thing about being a centuries’ old tyrant lord of the undead is that it makes you patient. The bad thing is that even a centuries’ old tyrant lord of the undead can only be so patient.

The Orc Lord last walked the world Ages ago, and ended up bringing the Lich King’s mortal incarnation to ruin. Why is he back? Who will he ruin now?

The Priestess hears and interprets the will of all of the Gods of Light. She watches over her Cathedral, the world’s largest temple, which is ever expanding, meeting the needs of new gods and new worshipers daily.

The Prince of Shadows is a cypher and a legend, a folkhero, a brigand, a firebrand and thief. It’s said he never steals the same thing twice, though no one can agree if this is by his choice or someone else’s, or whether this is a gift or a curse.

The Three are among the oldest dragons in existence. Whereas the Gold struggles alone for the good of all, the Red, the Blue and the Black work (mostly) together for their own purposes, each shoring up each others’ weaknesses, if not necessarily shoring up each others’ paranoia.


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