The life of an adventurer is one of high risk, but also high reward. On any given day, an owlbear could run off with your leg to feed her cubs, a redcap could leap out of your backpack and ride you like a horse, or a rust monster could make a meal out of your prized possessions. Of course, the very next day, you might discover a fortune in abandoned sahuagin gold, make a deal with a sword that speaks to you with your grandmother’s voice, or find a way to tap into the primal energies of the world by speaking the secret name of the Rune of Creation. That’s the thing about being an adventurer: You just never know.

In addition to the material wealth an adventurer can earn, there’s a host of small wonders that can make their lives more enjoyable. Or if not more enjoyable, at least easier. Or if not easier, at least less painful. Or if not less painful, they can at least make that pain pass a little more quickly. These following items are good for that. Each is a one-and-done, good for one shot only. Make it count.

Magic Ammunition
Talismans and Alchemical Items

Not every reward is so fleeting, however. Occasionally, an adventurer will stumble across something truly wondrous: a true magic item. Every true magic item is unique, not only offering special benefits, but also possessing its own personality. Usually, the ego of a magic item is easily ignored if an adventurer finds it unpleasant. It might manifest as a voice (usually, but not always, in your head) or a new habit or behavioral tic. Unwise adventurers, those who have overextended their self-control by attuning to too many items at once, have found that their treasures have a hard time resisting the urge to gang up on them. Once someone has attuned too many items, their quirks come to the fore and can no longer be ignored. Have fun with that necklace that makes you sing in a falsetto… especially since you’ve paired it with the cloak that makes you utter old dragonic war chants.

Of course, every adventurer has heard the legends of cursed items. An item’s curse, if it bears one, can take many forms. Sometimes the item is stronger than others, but it’s quirk is likewise just as powerful. Sometimes an item just sucks compared to others, but its still magical. Boots that let you fly are awesome, after all… even if they only let you sort of fly, or let you fly, but you can only fly kinda shittily.

Finally, there’s also tales of mighty artifacts. These are magical items that grow in power with their wielder. If you’re lucky enough to possess one of these, you can attune to it deeper than to any other item. As you give more of yourself to it, it gives more of itself to you, offering additional powers for each chakra you dedicate to it. Surely though, something like that couldn’t possibly be relevant, though.


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