Furious and cruel, these fishpeople hate that clumsy, inarticulate land-dwellers have tamed the Inner Sea. Often both brilliant and deadly, an organized Sahuagin force will stop at nothing to slay and torture their hated foes. An unorganized Sahuagin force will stop at nothing to inconvenience them.

Sahuagin seem to have some ability to hold sway over land-dwellers, though the nature of this is of some dispute. It seems likely that they can interbreed, and thus, control land-dwelling populations… but that’s gross, so most people don’t want to talk about it.

Sahuagin are exceedingly arrogant and believe that, surely, they will one day rule everything above the waves as they do everything below them. At least, that’s what the ones in The Fangs think, assured entirely that their cousins in the Iron Sea absolutely must be ruling everything below the sea.

Regardless of whether they dwell in the Fangs or the Iron Sea, Sahuagin share a few core beliefs. They live in an astonishingly structured society, where everyone knows their place. To the Sahuagin, self-sufficiency and obedience are the most noble of all qualities. Success equals virtue, only the inadequate fail and they regard their own memories and experiences as the only real truth, with the Sahuagin collective memories and experiences trumping those of an individual in the rare case of a conflict between the two. It’s not that failure isn’t an option, it’s just that inadequacy proves weakness, and every Sahuagin knows that no Sahuagin is weak.

By the by, if you aren’t a Sahuagin, you’re almost always either an enemy or a meat source, if not both.


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