Talismans and Alchemical Items

Talismans are minor magical items created by magicians known as, you guessed it, talismancers. While the creation of these items is explicitly a magical act, it’s one that has somehow managed to become a sort of stable ritual. The secrets to creating any of these items are jealously guarded.

Where as talismans are magical in nature, alchemical items are more mundane, though no less fantastic and powerful. Creating these items also follows exacting formulae, though unlike talismancy, it doesn’t require ritual or the spark of magical power as a catalyst, instead relying on the interaction of natural forces in the world to create their effects.

Despite being separate disciplines, there is some overlap between alchemy and talismancy. It is especially common for alchemical substances to be used in the making of a talisman, or for a talismancer to enchant a small amount of a mundane substance into something with altered properties in order to change the way it interacts with the natural forces of the world, and thus changing it’s alchemical properties.

A few of the more common alchemical items and talismans are listed below, along with their common prices:

Blacklight Candle

When lit, this candle burns with a very bright light (it is more of a flare than a candle), though the light can only be seen by the one holding the candle.

Cost: 50 GP for a ten minute candle., plus an extra 10 gp for every ten minutes after that for a longer candle.

Clay of Life

When used to stabilize a dying person, this reddish clay adds 5 to the roll and lets them spend a free recovery if the roll was successful. Clay of Life can be used to reattach severed limbs, even by those without the ability magically heal others, provided the limb is fresh. Creating flesh golems or doing tricky non-magical surgery with this clay requires many doses. The clay works by bonding to wounds and transforming into new flesh.

Cost: 200 GP per dose.

Talismans and Alchemical Items

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