The Seven Cities

Axis, the City of Swords. As the capitol of the Dragon Empire, Axis is a city of spectacle and splendor. Bloodsport and noble feuds have kept the conquering spirit alive, even in this time of relative peace.

Concord, the City of Spires. While nonhumans aren’t uncommon elsewhere in the Empire, in Concord, humans are the minority. Here, the cultures of Elves, Dwarves and others can stand proud, strong and individualistic, while blending together to create something stronger, and possibly prouder, still.

Drakkenhall, the City of Monsters. Ruled over by the Blue, one of the great and powerful dragons of the Three, Drakkenhall is a city that any may call home, even those races not welcome anywhere else in the Empire.

Glitterhaegen, the City of Coins. Here, guilds and markets hold more sway than the Imperial Governor. The fact that the Dwarves do most of their legitimate business here, while the nearby den of villainy known as Shadow Port is close enough to serve as an unofficial seedy underbelly, giving most of Glitterhaegen’s even most unscrupulous merchant princes a measure of plausible deniability.

Horizon, the City of Wonders. Home of the Archmage, his library and dozens of competing Arcane Guilds, Horizon has to be seen to be believed. It’s architecture, much of which floats or is held aloft by magical, glowing forces, ensure that for some, even seeing doesn’t make it any easier to believe.

New Port, the City of Promise. As the newest city in the Empire (if you want to disregard the monster-strewn streets of Drakkenhall, and most people out of the Blue’s line of sight are eager to do so) New Port provides something almost no other city can: an even playing field. A combination of a lax Imperial Governor and no hidden societies or secret guilds with hundreds’ of years’ worth of accumulated history and power leave New Port open to anyone.

Santa Cora, the City of Gods. Santa Cora was once the spiritual center of the Empire. Now it is, thanks to the presence of the Priestess and her ever-growing Cathedral devoted to all the Gods of Light, the spiritual center of the world.

The Seven Cities

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