Long ago, in the Age Before Ages, a war raged.

By some accounts, this was an esoteric war, one which shaped our world both physically and mystically. Vast armies, composed of sorcerous and spiritual beings rather than mortals, and embodying cosmic concepts like Law or Chaos, rather than mere nations, clashed across entire planes of existence.

Other tales paint a different picture—one of a bloody, but mortal conflict, where a wicked ruler fought to rein in those who opposed them or stood in their way. Boots thundered over earth and rivers ran red, but every step was on our soil, and every drop, every splatter, was ours.

No matter who tells the tale, and no matter which details they include, the ending is always the same: A beleaguered and desperate band of veterans and sages forged a powerful artifact. With the it, they defeated and imprisoned the greatest general and single combatant that the world had ever seen. Even the Rod, as powerful as it was, couldn’t withstand the force of the final blow, and shattered under its own force, its pieces scattered beyond anyone’s reckoning. Since that fateful day, no hand has ever held more than two pieces of the Rod.

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The Rod of Seven Parts

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