The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 17

Spelunking pt. 3

Hearthday, 27 Harmony, 13:1066

Having plumbed the tunnel depths for hours following their rest, the party once again encountered the stench of decay that signaled the sahuagin’s fungal alarms. Armed with the unguents they took from the wise women the night before, they managed to move about the shriekers and violet fungi unmolested. They were not, however, able to avoid the notice of some watchful sahuagin who were guarding a coterie of docile, fearful human and bugbear slaves as they worked a subterranean quarry. As battle broke out among the quarry, the slaves either cowered in their corners or diligently finished their work.

After the battle, the party decided to investigate a hidden chamber they had discovered, revealing what appeared to be an alchemy lab. Inside, the craven and cranky mage Istovahn hid with the use of an invisibility potion that he had purloined from a sahuagin enforcer who had come to recruit him for the fight. Despite his invisibility, the party was able to use the tight quarters to confront him. He dropped effects of the effects of the potion and explained how he came under the sway of the sahuagin and their aboleth master, Tichthys. When the party used a dose of clay of life to restore his lost limb, he stared at them incrdulously, as if unexpected kindness was a foreign concept, and agreed to help them take down the aboleth that ruled these caverns.


Eel Eel

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