The Rod of Seven Parts

Session 18

Spelunking pt. 4

Hearthday, 27 Harmony, 13:1066

With Istovahn in tow, the party left the alchemical laboratory to finally end the fight with the caves’ aboleth slave master, Tichthys, who had fortified a position in a deep pool at the far end of the cavern with a couple sahuagin honor guard. As they approached, Tichthys seemed surprisingly knowledgeable about the party’s presence. He taunted them with his piece of the Rod before calling upon its power to slow and hinder their movements.

Despite the Rod’s power and the aboleth’s use of powerful mind magics to hex and harm the party (even sculpting the water into the form of an elemental to assist him at one point), the party managed to lay him low, allowing one of Istovahn’s curses to end his primordial piscine menace for good.


Eel Eel

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