Cranky Elf


Istovahn is thin, even for a dark elf, though he’d probably prefer the term “gaunt”. He has a pepertual glower, though he’d probably call it a “grim countenance”.


Years ago, Istovahn was searching an abandoned goblin warren for rare and exotic mushrooms. He had just managed to secure a sample of crimson blood piper, a tubular fungus long thought lost in the modern age, when he was ambushed by a young sahuagin leading a troop of dead-eyed, pale frogmen. His companions resisted and were murdered down to a man. When they came at him, Istovahn froze with fear.

Everything after that is a little hazy. Istovahn has no clue how long he was held captive and forced to experiment with the various fungi that the aboleth Tichthys had access to. He’s certain that its been a few years, at least, since they took his hand, but between the torture, the slavery, and all the drugs, its really hard to tell.

Unaccustomed to kindness even before his capture, Istovahn was caught completely off guard when the party rescued him and regenerated his lost hand. While he’s certainly not the most pleasant person to have around, his loyalty to the party is unwavering.


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