Lenny the Nose

Lenny used to be a good man. Parts of him still are.


Let’s be honest, Lenny’s blond hair, blue eyes, his slight paunch and his freshly-thinning hair line aren’t going to let you pull him out of a crowd. Now, the gaping hole where his nose used to be? That might, as might the brass prosthesis he uses to cover it up.


Lenny’s academic career has been mostly unremarkable. He performed well at the Imperial College of the Arcane’s divination department, though he earned no accolades, likely owing to his knack for oneiromancy over more conventional and widely accepted forms of divination. He barely managed to squeeze out a research fellowship and a minor teaching position at the College, but he withdrew after a stray dream about one of his students became contagious. While the dream itself was no more bizarre than anyone else’s, the public nature was quite embarrassing for everyone involved, and it would only continue to be so any time someone else contracted the dream.

After leaving the Imperial College, he turned to [[A.R.C.A.N.E. | A.R.C.A.N.E.]]. His first project involved creating a self-aware dream simulacra, but the nascent mind imprinted incorrectly and had to be excised, leading to the creation of Lenny’s unnamed homunculus. Unfortunately, the homunculus pulled its substance from many of Lenny’s more friendly and amicable traits. Whenever the homunculus strays, Lenny is a suspicious, doubtful jerk. This would be less of an issue if Lenny didn’t often send the homunculus out on errands to be rid of what he sees as a semi-living, breathing embodiment of his failure.


The homunculus is always trying to get Lenny to do something big and ambitious again, but having lost so much, Lenny tends to take on smaller, safer projects.

Lenny the Nose

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