Mazzel Quickblade

Land baron, entrepreneur, adventurer... anything but a rogue!


Mazzel Quickblade looks intense for a gnome, and that’s saying something. There’s a fire in his eyes that’s only matched by his flaming orange hair, mustache and beard, all of which twist every which way. His manner of dress (red leather armor with gold accoutrement), behaviors and mannerisms (flamboyant and show-offy in a way that makes pirates and gladiators blush) and choice in weaponry (a wickedly-sharp demonblade) all match. Thisbe, his man-sized badger companion, is somehow less noticeable than he is.


Years ago, Mazzel Quickblade was a mercenary captain who frequently worked with the Crusader. He was known for taking on any mission, no matter how daring, with a stoic, grim and dour countenance and had a knack for bringing back whatever company he was assigned to practically unscathed. This all changed one day six years ago, when he was tasked to sneak a small force into a small village to interrogate some villagers. During questioning, one of the villagers melted before Mazzel’s eyes as a nascent hellhole bloomed from the man’s face. Mazzel has no memory of what happened next, but he knows the hellhole was closed and that he was the only survivor. Also, ever since that day, he’s been aggressively optimistic and friendly, has developed a penchant for high-risk, short-term “opportunities” (read: “cons”) and has an almost pathological instinct to find a place to build a new community he can call home. Surely, none of that’s related, though.

Mazzel Quickblade

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