Also called the City of Wonders, Horizon is home to the Archmage, dozen of rival arcane guilds, hundreds of libraries, and thousands of wizards, sorcerers, thaumaturges and will-workers of all stripes.

Most people experience Horizon as a gleaming metropolis of symmetry and order, even if they have difficulty adjusting to life there. Tall towers are held aloft by force ramps and levitation charms. Elegant arches provide swift, efficient travel via teleportation. It’s easy for outsiders to get lost in the city’s hidden patterns, but on a good day, the traffic (both on foot and between the various skylofts and floating towers) weaves effortlessly from street to street (or aetherlane to aetherlane) without incident, the bells toll on time, and no one spills their tea. Some say that fortunes can be told in the minor hiccups and accidents that happen in the city, which would be normal anywhere else, and indeed, it not uncommon for down-on-their-luck streetmagi to try their luck as viamancers. Some paranoid or cynical citizens believe that there’s actually a bureau who carefully arranges certain accidents to ensure the city’s continued harmony… but every city has its rumors, right?

Just outside Horizon proper lies the Subcity, a gaudy, rowdy sprawl. Some people say that the Subcity is like a drain grate that catches all the scum and riffraff, while others claim that it acts like a pressure valve, allowing the city and its people to blow off steam that would otherwise disrupt life in the city itself. Some people claim that Horizon is a sham and that the Subcity is the real living, breathing, beating heart of the Empire’s magic.

The Vermilion Drake is located in the Subcity.


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